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i am confidence in insecurity;
i am a voice yet waiting to be heard

Hi, you've reached Rebecca Chambers. I can't answer right now, but please leave a message and I'll get back to you as soon as I can! Thanks!


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all crit and concerns for how I'm playing Rebecca, please direct to the link or to here! Comments are IP off and anon enabled, so please feel free to be honest.


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under the cutCollapse )

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everything from here up is for sirenspull


Everything from here down is for daisychainrpg

Relevant links for archival purposes:

Daisychain Logs
Rebecca's DC Wiki Page


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The How's My Driving? Meme

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Just a reminder for anyone looking for somewhere to bring their injured, or come themselves, the clinic at 70 Irving Place is always open. We don't have the facilities for any major surgery, but if you're in need, something can be arranged, I'm sure.

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Has anyone seen Jill? She was supposed to come by the other day and never showed. And with all the... new developments, I'm a little worried.

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[There is a moment of black before the video feed clicks in, showing Rebecca sitting in room, obviously having hastily cleaned and applied a few band-aids to the cuts on her face, she's still rumpled and dirty from her recent encounter. Her right arm is in a sling, hence why she's making a video post, it's too hard to type as quickly as she needs to get this out. She looks very clearly stressed, but she takes a deep breath before beginning to talk.]

If anyone didn't hear Daniel's radio call, if you are in the area around Greenwich Village, or in the village itself, you want to get out right now, while you can. There's an unconcious monster on sixth street, and you don't want to be nearby when it wakes up.

[She closes her eyes for a moment, gathering herself up and taking another deep breath]

If anyone has been bitten by one of the smaller parasite crabs that scavenge the city, you're experiencing a wound that won't heal, increased fatigue, weight loss, and no doubt feeling sick. It is extremely important that you find someone who is capable of healing these bites now. There is no scientific cure, so you have to put your faith in magic, for now. If you don't get yourself healed as soon as possible, you are not just putting yourself and your health at risk, but the entire health of the city.

Stage five isn't death. It's transformation.

[With that, she reaches forward and clicks the video off, thinking that speaks enough for itself.]

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I don't typically post these to character journals, but I'll give it a go this time around.

The How's My Driving? Meme

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I'm not sure if anyone was injured during the blackout or not, but if anyone is in need of medical assistance, the clinic at 70 Irving Place continues to always be open.

[[ Locked to Tifa// Difficult to hack ]]

...Can I as you a question?

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